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I'm an old nudist hippy from the 1970's.
 Go without your clothes for a day and let the joy of living flood in.  
 Nudity is not pornography.  
Connecting With Nature
There is nothing more exhilarating...

I love music and create a weekly playlist with friends.
We've named both the playlists and our group, Favorite New Music This Week (FNMTW). We have been creating weekly playlists for the last 15 years.  Each playlist contains only the songs that were released during the music industry's global release week for that week.  Our playlists contain the week's date within their title and are therefore searchable.  You can type FNMTW into Google and a bunch of our playlists will come up.  The music industry releases songs globally each Friday and my friends and I do what we call dumpster-diving where we comb through the lists looking for both new songs and new groups.  Our playlists are mulit-genre so they contain a pleasant mixture of everything from rock to jazz to indi-pop.  In addition to the group playlist, I create my own weekly playlist called Moto's New Release Week.  My personal playlist contains the half dozen or so songs that I contributed to the FNMTW playlist plus, the favorites I held back for my own list.  My personal playlists are also created as multi-genre for your listening pleasure.  Below are my last five week's playlists -- there are over 800 total.
I love cooking in my 1-butt kitchen.
Sure it would be nice to have a bigger kitchen, but I have everything I need close at hand in the one I've got.  I have loved cooking ever since I was about 6 year's old.  I remember making cookies one time when my mother wasn't home and boy, did I get in trouble for turning on the stove.  The cookies were awful; I made them with flour, water, salt and a package of Jell-O.
My mother was an excellent cook.  She was self-taught out of necessity and would experiment with recipes found in magazines and the sides of packaging and then modify them to her taste.  I was always there to help chop this or that and I suspect cooking with my mother is where I learned to cook myself.  As an adult, my mom and I would trade recipes and despite me always saying she was a better cook, I'm not all that bad.  Although, she could make candy; I can't.  Regardless, I can make just about anything out of nothing and make it taste good too.  I've moved beyond Jell-O.  Below, are a couple of featured dishes of mine; a drink, appetizer, entree and a dessert.  I hope you'll enjoy them enough to try others on this site's recipe page.
= Featured Recipies =
Below, you will find some blog sites by friends.  Well, not all of them are friends but, you know...
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