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More About Me

My name is Cedric Nevada LaPorte Motojicho.  I go by either Nevada or Moto.  I was given the name Cedric because of a drive-in movie, but that's too long of a story to tell here.  There's technically a space between the "La" and the "Porte" but I removed it after a clerk at the DMV asked me where I got the middle name, La.

I have an MBA in Global Management with an undergraduate in Information Systems.  I'm an ISTJ personality type which makes me a bit OCD.  I've recently retired from local government where I built e-learning modules and I've generally worked in the Human Resources and Organizational Development Centers for various employers.

I have been a nudist since 1975 although I’ve probably been one since childhood.  As a kid (pre-teen), I would get up in the middle of the night and run around the neighborhood naked just to feel the fresh night air across my naked body.  I was always somehow able to convince other kids to get naked with me; mostly in the backyard but often at other venues.  Whenever I felt the urge to get naked, I would suggest to the other kids, "hey, let's get naked;" and, it never seemed too difficult to get them to follow.  It was all so innocent; I wonder what those kids think about nudity today.

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