What Is Sexy?

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What Is Sexy?

Published by Nevada Motojicho in Nudist/Naturist · 24 November 2018
Tags: Nudist/Naturist
*This is an excerpt from the Turtle’s Diary - November 24, 2018

What is Sexy?

As a 24/7 nudist who occasionally needs to dress for the purpose of retrieving life sustaining items from the textile world such as groceries, I remain naked even during social interactions with textile friends, neighbors, service folks and handyman services, contractors, you name it.  I live the lifestyle while also being a socially active online member of many different nudist/naturist groups and/or affiliated organizations or institutions of true nudist/naturist principles of thought.  Needless to say, I see a lot of naked bodies all day long.

When I first started thinking about writing a nudist blog, I wanted to write about all of the great benefits both mentally and physically that nudism can bring to one’s health and wellbeing.  When I started looking around at other blogs on nudism, I found a repeated pattern; everyone wants to write on the same topics that I want to write about with one exception.  I don’t think they (most of them) ever complete a thought on what they’re writing about.  It’s like I read and read all the way to the end of an article where I’m only left to think, “That was a waste of my time.”

I also found another repeated pattern.  Everyone wants to write about penises, erections, and how they rarely happen in public settings or what to do if one happens to you.  Come on people, really?  I mean I know newbies have questions and all but there must be something else to write about.  Oh, look at me being all critical – LOL – I’ll probably end up writing the same thing someday so when I do, please remember this posting so you can wave it back in my face later.

Today, I wanted to write a post on “what is sexy?”  Why?  Because the other day someone mentioned in a comment to me that it must be difficult to, let’s just say maintain myself viewing all those naked bodies all day.  Wait, grab a corner of this spinning world and make it stop.  So I tried to explain.

For the most part, I think I understand human sexual behavior and I think for most of us, it’s learned from experience(s) both good and bad in our relationships and from whatever we were taught while growing up – that is if we were fortunate enough to have parents that could or would talk about such topics.  I also would think that anyone that has pursued a learning degree beyond high school would have been forced to sit through a human sexual behavior class and maybe even write a report as part of their Health 101 curriculum.  But, evidently the person I was conversing with hadn’t had any such learning or past experience to draw upon.

The fact of the matter is yes, as a socially active online nudist, I see naked bodies all day long.  However, I don’t really see them if that makes any sense.  Sure, I could identify any one of my naked friends in a headless lineup if I needed to but no, I don’t look at their body parts and I certainly don’t get sexually excited over seeing naked bodies.  Certainly not those of my friends for God’s sake and no, I don’t believe any of my friends get excited over seeing me naked either; if they do, they’ve got an issue that I don’t want to know about.  True nudism/naturism isn’t about getting excited or any of that, I continued to explain.

So this person I’m conversing with – the one who thinks nudists get excited because they see so many naked bodies all the time.  I said to him, “No sir it’s quite the opposite.  You see, true nudists see beyond body parts; we see the person transformed inside.  Let me explain,” and I continued with telling him about the other day when an online friend posted a challenge for his friends to post a side-by-side photo of themselves.  The first image was to be clothed and the second image being naked.  Both images were to be in the same location and in basically the same pose.  These friends of his are also friends of mine or folks that I socialize with in other groups so, I also know them.  I’m still not sure he understood in the end but I tried to continue driving my point with this individual.

The amazing point I was trying to make to this person (which had just been gained from my friend’s recent photo challenge) is this:  what I saw In each of the photos that my friend’s friends submitted was first a dressed person who visually had a much more serious look on their face – you could tell additionally by their choice in attire the person they were portraying to the textile world.  For instance, some dressed casual and laid back while others dressed more formal as if they had to go to work in an office; shirt, tie, pressed slacks... you know, someone who has to deal with the public or work in some hierarchal structured office.

But here’s the amazing part; the second photo of each of these same people being naked seemed to have a special happiness included in that person’s facial expressions whether it be in their smile or in a situation where the photo captured a noticeable little glisten in the eyes that you don’t see in the dressed photo – not in any of the participants.  I wish to God I could share the photos with you here so you could see what I’m talking about; what I saw was a complete transformation of a person’s inner being between their two photo submissions within this challenge.  You can actually see the inner happiness that living naked does to a person’s inner soul within those photos.  That’s what’s sexy to me... that inner glow.  Okay, maybe that’s getting a little heavy but I believe that inner glow comes from the freedom of naturism/nudism.  You can actually see it visually on our faces between being clothed and being clothes free.  Even though the first image contains a smile and a friendly face, it’s quite different from the nude image face – brighter and happier.  Sure, say it’s all in my head if you like; there’s a whole lot of whatnot floating up there along with it but that’s a complete stand-alone blog post all by itself.

Back to the person I’m conversing with, the answer is no.  A true nudist does not see body parts when they look at naked bodies.  We see the person inside.  Oops! I think somebody already wrote a blog post on that a few times before.  Sorry... the point is, true nudists see beyond body parts.  That’s not to say that we aren’t human and that we don’t have sexual needs, urges and tendencies.  We just don’t fantasize and/or do it with our friends, coworkers and professional associates that’s all.  And when the computer is ones only release resource, go to Tumblr and Porn-hub just like everyone else.

Seriously though and to get back on topic before I forget that a blog posting should complete a thought – I certainly wouldn’t want that waved in my face.  What exactly is sexy?  Well, in natural human behavior I would suppose that it is different for each person.  Also, sexy isn’t about having sex.  Well, a little bit of it is but, that’s not where I’m going with this posting.

For me, I’m gay yet as a kid I found Barbara Streisand tremendously sexy.  The old 1960’s Barbara that is, the one from “On a Clear Day” and “Funny Girl.”  Don’t ask me why; maybe it’s how she carried herself.  I can’t say that I ever found her physically attractive – in fact not at all but there is or was something about her back in the day.  She was different and unique; her makeup was exotically different from others with that “Twiggy” styled outlining of the inner eyelid contrasted by that added Egyptian styled dark shadowing above.  And then her haircut – it became a global trend – all the glamor magazines covered the Barbara Streisand look back in the 1960’s.  That haircut truly did become a classic.  So who knows what makes someone or something sexy to another individual.

I had a friend once – he’s dead now so I can talk about him, right?  Anyway, this friend found teeth sexy.  It was something important before he’d even ask a girl out.  No kidding!  Teeth.  So I asked him, “Do you like to be bitten?”  Hey, I thought that was a logical follow up considering.  But no, he just found teeth to be sexy and very important.  A girl must have nice teeth he would say.  I agree – especially if one considers who might be paying to straighten them someday in the future.  The thing is, this guy found certain smiles more appealing than others and it all came down to ... who knows what... the shape or color of a tooth that lead to his choice of wives (he had two).  I wonder if the last one got a lifetime dental policy from his trust.  Whatever and seriously again, what’s sexy to one person is... well in this case, probably only sexy to him.

Back to topic and trying to remember to complete a thought all the way through, yes, as a nudist I see a lot of naked body parts.  But when I see a naked person, I see the inner soul of a person; the one that I mentioned up above in that photo challenge description.  Of course I have my personal opinions on what I find sexy but strangely enough to the non-nudist, they are not focused on body parts.  Also like I said, sexy isn’t about having sex.  If we we’re talking about sexual fantasy, we’d be discussing something completely different.  Sexual fantasies don’t exist either by the way; they only exist in one’s head too.  Didn’t your mother ever tell you that?  Mine did.  Anyway, if we’re asking “what is sexy?” when sexy is being an attraction rather than an act, then sexy to me is the inner being or a personal quality that one carries.

Extending this now “completed thought” beyond where it needs to be (I completed the thought, right?) and, since I’ve brought you all the way to this point only to find out nothing – outside of sexy being all in your head and that sexual fantasies don’t exist outside of it either, I’ll go ahead and throw in what I find sexually sexy just for the hell of it.  You already know that I’m pretty particular – even if there’s not a trendy 1960’s Barbara haircut in the mix.  I’m gay so it’s safe to say that I’m attracted to men.  Yeah, but what kind of man?  Well, let’s just say that I haven’t found one yet that meets any of those deep down sexual fantasies in my head.  Not in real life anyway.  But to answer, I like brunettes with emerald green eyes and who are completed by a rich Brazilian/Portuguese tanned complexion.  You know, the kind who look just like a Kristen Bjorn model and... you do realize that those guys don’t exist, right?  That’s why they’re a fantasy.

So coming out of that unexpected fantasy; what’s truly sexy to me?  It’s the inner glow, special smiles and a glimmer in one’s eyes that catch my attention.  It’s certainly not one’s body parts.  But that’s just me.  Besides, Kristen Bjorn models can only be found on DVD.

Anyway folks, you can either ditch this gig now or stick around for more of the Turtle’s Diary excerpts and/or other disturbing thoughts coming soon.  Who knows (?), maybe next time the posting will be about penises – just kidding!  Hmm..., well maybe not... I actually have a really terrific documentary on penises that I’ve been wanting to share now for the longest time... no pun intended.  It’s on men and their penis insecurities.  It’s kind of a cheeky and fun little documentary while definitely being worth the time to watch.  So until then, or until whatever shows up in this space the next time, enjoy your naked day my friends!

*The Turtle’s Diary is a collection of thoughts, insights and stories based on a turtle’s true life experiences – gained by the misguided trust in others.

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